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Wireless Presentation System

Wireless Presentation System

LatenTech AV Wireless Presentation System Flexibility and ease of us, Share content and present with a single click on the Button. The ultimate wireless presentation experience in just one click. Magic happens when minds meet. Share presentations, videos, and content from your laptop, tablets and smart phones in meetings, without the hassle of cables, control panels or adapters. It's perfectly suited for both huddle spaces and large meeting spaces and is flexible enough for corporate use.


 Looking for the perfect collaboration solution?             Our experts are here to help you.                 

No cables

Simply plug the USB button and you're ready to share.


Experience the new way of sharing ideas in your conference room without cables.

No installation

When you plug the USB button, there is no installation required.

Once you remove the button, Latentech leaves no file on your PC or Mac.

Cross Platform

Latentech connects all.

PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

A truly BYOD device.

A must for your meeting room.


Latentech app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

HDMI 2.0 output.

Does not require to change your PC resolution.


Simply press and your screen will be mirrored within seconds.

4K Output 
Collaboration System
for Meeting and Conference Rooms
Click Share and Present !
One click solution for Meeting Room

One device for all your devices



Wireless Presentation System





Software installation? No

Admin rights? Not required

Internet access while presenting? Yes

Guest network separate? Yes

Audio transfer wireless? Yes

Standalone device? Yes

Android Screen Mirroring? Yes

Airplay from iOS devices? Yes


Wireless Presentation designed
easy and quick for you

  • No installation

  • No Technical setup

  • No messy cables

  • Quick sharing

  • Works on iOS and Android

  • No Training

  • Easy to use

  • No software to download on laptop

  • Built-in Wireless Access Point (WAP)

  • 4k HDMI presentation​

  • No Admin rights required for setup

  • No need to disconnect from your existing wifi network

Experience the all new Wireless sharing system
for conference room

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